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This site provides JAVA swing programs; concepts of OOAD and Management Information System (MIS). Also some insights about E-Tourism is provided.


Software development is an iterative and evolutionary process. Software is developed to address issues and problems of users. It contains several numbers of lines of code. It is developed going through different software development phases like requirement collection, system design, system coding, system testing and system implementation. Users’ needs and requirements are studied properly and repeatedly until the requirements of the users established; the design, coding and testing of software components are also done repeatedly. Software is an integration of several components like user’s interface (UI), application logic, data repository.

User Interface

User Interface component of the system is the one with which users will interact, input data, read data. It is the front end of software. JAVA Swing is one of the tools which is used to developed robust user interface easily and efficiently

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) is a method to analyze system requirements and develop design of software. Software should be easy to modify and upgrade. This can be achieved only if the software is built with concept of low dependency and high cohesion among the components of the software. Object Oriented Analysis and Design method enables to view software as collection of independent objects having their own specific role and responsibility in the system. OOAD enables software developers to achieve the concept: the separation of concern, a fundamental requirement of the software system.