Look, Read, Understand, Apply


Third party marketplaces have changed the way business is done. In Nepal several online market places are launched and are serving people. Read this artile to know about different third party market makers: Third party marketplaces in Nepal
Learn creating database in MS Acess. MS Access is an easy to use tool for creating and using database. In the page information about creating table and generating summary tables is provided. A simple example is provided. Example shows how to create table to store data of guests of hotel, how to produce summary tables and provides insight about why the summary tables are of the value for the business people.
Learn Java, one of the most powerful object-oriented programming language. Find some basic knowledge and examples about Basic Java programmings.
Business IT strategy Development - Example: For the survival of any organizations, goals and objectives must be defined. Those goals and objectives can be achieved with the help of right business and IT strategies. A simple example is provided to understand business and IT strategies to address problems and issues and achieve specified goals and objectives of organization; use of MIS, database is specified also.
Generally, software consists of front-end, data repository and middleware. Users interact with front-end, the forms, (for providing data, retrieving data). Middleware consists of several applications logics (like calcuting total, filtering data based on conditions). Data repository contains data stored in database, files etc.
Algorithm Analysis: Writing an algorithm is an art and to write efficient algorithm is a magic. Learn how to analyze an algorithm based on time and space
B tree is a self balancing tree which can have two or more than two child nodes. Elements in the nodes are sorted in order. In B tree seaching, insertions and deletions are done in logarthmic time. B tree is suitable for storage systems which needs to read and write large blocks of data. B tree is used in databases and file systems.
Heap Tree and Heap Sort: Improvisation of selection sort with the use of binary tree.
Graph: a collection of vertices and edges, has applications in lots of fields; representing cities and highways, cities and bus stops, petrol pumps, colleges; representing electronic circuits.
Knowledge of the Data Structure and alogrithms is of great help in programming the middleware. Data structures like array, stack, queue, linked list, hash tables, tree, graphs and searching, sorting algorithms are frequently used in the application programmings. Programming langauges like Java and others have already defined and built several data structures which are avialable for the programmers to use easily. But to know create some of the data structures on own is of great help.