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Why should organizations use a Management Information system in their organizations? Explain how MIS will benefit a hospital.

Organizations should use MIS to gain effectiveness, and improve efficiency in day-to-day occurring tasks and activities. MIS generates information that will be of value for the employees of the organization. That information can also help in easing decision-making tasks also. How the tasks and activities (business processes) of the organization are done? What data/information is required by different entities involved in the business processes? These are vital questions which answer helps organization implement and actualize their strategies, helps to do better than their competitors in the market.
In hospitals, several doctors, and nurses provide services to the patients. Patients with different diseases come to the hospital, they are treated by one or more doctors. Sometimes patients need to be admitted to the hospital. Doctors study the lab reports of the patients and recommend medicines to the patients. Patients visit doctors more than one time also. Doctors have to keep track of their patients; they have to know what were the previous reports of the patients, what medicines were provided, and how long the medicine has been given to the patients? Hospital management also has to know how many patients visited the hospital, with which doctor they took the appointment, how many rooms of the hospital is occupied, how much money is paid by the patients, how much money is spent by the hospital in a certain period of time, is the hospital able to provide appropriate services to the patients?
MIS stores data about patients, doctors, rooms, reports, nurses, medications, bills, payments, feedback of patients all in the database; eases to retrieve different kinds of reports, and information very easily to doctors, hospital administrators, etc. This will help doctors to know about their patients, their past reports, and conditions; the administrator can know the business of the hospital and services provided by the hospital. Having these and many more information easily, hospital management can execute its tasks and activities easily, and make decisions easily.

Explain how banks can maintain relationships with their customers?

Banks use MIS to execute their day-to-day occurring tasks and activities. MIS consists of several software components, modules like the module to perform deposit and withdraw task; module to process loan; module to store information of the customers, clients, employees, etc. With the help of MIS, banks can keep track of their customers’ transaction behavior, and categorize customers, and clients based on their transaction behavior. Then the bank can design and provide different kinds of facilities to the customers according to the category of the customers.
MIS can also help to know the customers, and what kind of services they are consuming from the banks. Based on that bank management can enhance relationships with customers by providing services as needed to the customers whenever the customers ask for them.

Explain Decision Support System (DSS).

Decision support system is software that helps the management of the organization in the decision-making processes. DSS takes data/information from transaction processing system (TPS), management information system (MIS), processes that data/information and produces information for the managers. DSS has the capability to do analytical analysis; it allows to change values of variables involved in decision problems and provide results based on those changes. What-if analysis is one of the features used by DSS in the decision-making process. DSS helps to handle structured and semi-structured problems.
Components of DSS are:
  • Database
  • User Interface
  • Analytical tools