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OOAD - Object Oriented Analysis and Design


What are the different types of relationships between use cases?

  • extends
  • includes
  • generalization

What is 100% rule?

All of the conceptual superclass's definition should be applicable to its sub class. That is sub class confirms 100% to its super class's attributes and associations.

What is IS-A rule?

All the instances (members) of subclasses must be member of its superclass.

What is potential subclass?

A class if conforms 100% rule and IS-a rule, the it is a potential class.

When a conceptual subclass of a superclass is created?

  • If a subclass has additional attributes
  • if a subclass has additional methods
  • if a subclass has additional associations

What is abstract conceptual class?

If every member of class A is also a member of a subclass, then class A is an abstract conceptual class.

What are aggregation and composition?

Aggregation is a whole-part relationships, destruction of super class does not result in destruction of subclass. Composition is a strong kind of whole-part aggregation, destruction of super class results in destruction of subclass.

Deployment diagram.

This is a diagram which shows assignment of concrete software objects to computational nodes. Device node and execution environment node are basic element of a deployment diagram.

Component diagram.

It is like a class diagram. A component represents a modular part of a system that encapsulates its content, and it replaceable within its environment.