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E-Tourism is the process of using Internet technology and Information Technology is several aspects of the tourism process. Internet has become an important component for each and every organization. Improvement in the Information and Internet Technology field has made possible for the organizations to:

  • deliver consistent, efficient and effective serives to thier customers
  • promote themselves
  • Connect with customers
  • reach untouched markets and customers
  • do business without physical presence of the organizations


E-commerce is doing trade using Internet; all the processes like buying and selling involved in the trade is done with the help of Internet and Information Technology. Digitization of products and services and efficient and reliable transmission of digital products from anyplace to another place is one of the major success factors for the e-commerce.

Tools for doing E-commerce or online business

The major tools used for doing e-commerce transactions are:
  • Interent
  • Web Browsers (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari)
  • Web sites/pages
    • Search Engines
    • Third-party market places
    • Personal Home Pages of the organizations
    • Social media site
    • Email-Clients (gmail,yahoomail, hotmail)
  • Online Payment Systems

Web Site

Web site is a collection of web pages. Web pages are like documents which can contain text, image, audio, video, graphcis or all of these media. Web site is created to publish/provide information, to interact with people, to search information, to communicate, to entertain etc. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the majro programming language to create web pages. Web pages are also known as hyper Text documents as one web page can be connected with other web pages, content of one web page can be connected with another content of the same web page. HTML contains elements called Tags which format the contents of the web pages. Anchor tag of the HTML is used to create link or connection between the web pages. In additionl to HTML, other several programming languages like JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C#, ASP.NET etc are also used to create web sites.

Web sites can be static or dynamic. Pages of static web site don't change automatically, but pages of dyamic web site can change automatically, that is without human interventions. The Web sites are perfect tool for advertisting; it can contain any length data/information, any type of data (text, audio, video, graphics). The contains of web pages can be updated easily. To access web site, Web broswers are required.

Web sites are stored in remote server computers. The server computers are owned by hosting companies. Hosting companies provide memory space for organizations or individuals to store their web sites, the website hosting computers contain Web servers where websites are deployed. Users with Internet connection will use Web browser to access the web sites stored in the remote computers. The users computer is client computer (machine) and computer hosting websites are server computer. Each web site has unique name known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Hyper Text Transfer Protocal (HTTP/HTTPs) is used to communicate between the user computer (client machine) and the computers in which websites are deployed. The computers in the Internet are identified with a unique identifer known as IP (Internet Protocal) address. The IP address is a numerical label assigned to the computers in the network. IP address are difficult to remember, so easy to remember names, known as domain names, are given to the IP address of the computers in the Internet.,,, are the names of the websites.