Look, Read, Understand, Apply



Rupee General Corporation
Rupee General Corporation operates deep-discount stores offering housewares, cleaning supplies, with most items selling for Rs 200. Its business model calls for becoming low cost seller. The company has not implemented any automated system for keeping track of inventory at each store. Managers have knowledge about the number cases of a particular product each store should receive when a delivery truck arrives, but the stores do not have any mechanism for scanning the cases or verifying the item count inside the cases. Merchandise losses from theft or other mishaps were rising and represents more than 3 percent of total sales. Provide What decisions have to be made before investing in an information system solution by the Rupee General Corporation?
Don's Furniture Company
Don’s Furniture Company on the Dhobikhola features a large selection of furniture for bedroom, kitchen, living room. The prices of furniture are constantly changing. When a customer inquires about the price on furniture, sales representatives call the supplier for the most recent price. The supplier in turn checks a manual price sheet, that is updated each day. The supplier must call back Don’s sales reps if the company does not have the newest pricing information immediately on hand. What will be the business impact of this situation, how this process could be improved with information technology.